About the Delight

Cuisine… ahh, it’s exquisite, isn’t it?

Eat the right foods (I’m here in America) and you not only become a part of the culture, but you elevate your life.

Hi, I’m Janine and this here’s my blog.  I’ve been cooking and studying success for several years now.  This website is my attempt to combine them.

Some of my heroes are Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver, Rachel Rae, and Anne Burrell.  Celebrity chefs, all of them.

I agree that you can be quite successful with a TV show and a cooking talent. But you can also be successful doing what you love. Living a healthy life is step number one!

A healthy life consists of several things. One of those is eating healthy so your body is strong and has the nutrients it needs.

Another is ingesting healthy, positive messages that improve your mentality. Positive messages affect your thoughts, and your thoughts affect your attitude and behavior, and how you feel about yourself. Your thoughts also affect your emotions.

Within this human body that we need to sustain with goodness inside and out, we have everything we need to direct and control our lives and create the reality we want to see.

And when we get good at that — producing the life we want to live — it’s just utterly delightful.

Hence, My Cuisine Delight. It’s about life. It’s about food… food for thought and food for body.

I hope that you find what I put here delectable.  And if you have any recipes for success or health that you want to share, please contact me or write a comment in one of my articles.

The American Dream can be served up with any number of ingredients because we have so many in this country.

You can get rich by being a celebrity, by investing in real estate or the stock market, or simply by being yourself — the original gift that is you — and doing what you love in a unique way.

There are as many ways to be rich and successful as there are people… so, millions! And they don’t all have to be a struggle. In fact they can be a delicious joy.

What makes that process easier is eating well and listening to and reading positive information that influences you in a great way. My hope is that this website will be a source of positive information for you.

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